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Are You Eligible for the My Safe Florida Home Program? A Guide for Homeowners

As a Florida homeowner, you may be concerned about protecting your home from hurricanes and other natural disasters. One crucial aspect of home protection is the installation of impact glass for windows and doors. 

As the leading window and door replacement company in Sarasota, FL, we at Sash & Sill firmly believe that every homeowner should have access to the means of making their home safe. We understand the financial considerations involved in upgrading your home’s windows and doors as a hurricane safeguard, which can be a significant expense. That’s why we’re proud to highlight a government funded program that may help several homeowners.

The My Safe Florida Home program is designed to help you enhance your home’s resilience, and as a preferred contractor, Sash & Sill takes great pride in being a certified contractor for the program. Our commitment to excellence and dedication to home safety led us to become the first in our area to achieve approval and qualification for this esteemed initiative.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the eligibility requirements and steps you can take to see if you qualify for this valuable program.

What is the My Safe Florida Home Program?

The My Safe Florida Home Program is a state initiative that aims to strengthen Florida homes against hurricanes and save homeowners money. The program offers a matching grant to eligible homeowners up to $10,000 for the actual cost of qualifying home hurricane mitigation projects. The program will provide $2 in grant funds for every $1 the homeowner provides, up to a maximum state contribution of $10,000.

From July 1, 2022, through June 30, 2024, Florida homeowners can enjoy a state sales tax exemption (6%) on retail purchases of impact-resistant doors, impact-resistant garage doors, and impact-resistant windows.

To view the grant process, Sash & Sill has created a visual roadmap to guide you.

Eligibility Requirements for a Free Home Hurricane Inspection

In order to apply for a grant, homeowners must first apply for a free, no obligation home hurricane inspection. Owners of any site-built, single-family residential Florida property may apply for a free home hurricane inspection. This inspection will assess the strength of your home against hurricanes and provide recommendations for improvements to increase its resistance.

Eligibility Requirements for a Grant

Homeowners who have received a wind mitigation inspection may be eligible to apply for matching grant funds to make improvements to their homes. To be eligible for a grant, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Provide proof of homestead exemption. You can obtain a copy of your homestead exemption information from your local Property Appraiser or Tax Collector’s Office.
  2. Provide documentation that your home is insured for $500,000 or less. You’ll need a copy of your current property insurance declarations page. If you don’t have a copy, contact your insurance company.
  3. Your home must be located in the wind-borne debris region of the state. Review the map of the region to determine if you live in the eligible area.
  4. The initial building construction permit for your home must have been issued prior to January 1, 2008. You can find this information through your local Property Appraiser’s office or website.
  5. You must allow your home to be re-inspected after construction work has been completed.

Types of Mitigation Projects

Grants may be used for the following improvements, when recommended by a hurricane mitigation inspection:

Roofs & Structure

  • Reinforce Roof-to-Wall Connections
  • Install Secondary Water Resistance for the Roof
  • Upgrade Roof Covering
  • Improve the Strength of Roof Deck Attachments


The My Safe Florida Home program offers valuable resources for Sarasota homeowners looking to protect their homes from hurricane damage. By meeting the eligibility requirements and taking advantage of the program’s benefits, you can increase your home’s safety, improve its energy efficiency, and potentially lower your insurance premiums.

By choosing Sash & Sill, you can trust that you are working with a trusted contractor with a proven track record in implementing the program’s guidelines. Our experience and knowledge ensure that your home’s protection is in capable hands. 

To get started, you’ll want to create an account on the My Safe Florida Home participant portal. From there, you can request a free home inspection. 

Still have questions? Check out our program FAQ or give us a call directly at (941) 548-4440 to see how Sash & Sill can help walk you through the process of upgrading your windows and doors using your approved grant funds. 

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