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How to Decide if You Need Hurricane Glass for Your Door and Window Upgrades

You’re ready for new windows and doors, but there’s one decision that’s giving you a headache. You’ve got to decide between hurricane glass and non-hurricane glass.  Here are a few things to consider:  Are they opaque or transparent glass? What’s the privacy level with them? This is a big concern for most people. Should you […]

Turtle Glass Is An Option that Your Florida Home Needs

Living along Florida’s magical coastline comes with countless perks. The daily sunshine pouring into your large eastern-facing windows, breathtaking views – we could go on forever. While there are many benefits, the massive amount of reflected sunlight caused by many windows poses a threat to turtle nesting. Once baby sea turtles hatch they return to […]

Should I Buy Hurricane Windows or Storm Protection

One of the most common questions when it comes to windows is “should I get hurricane windows or get regular windows and add on storm protection?”. The best solution is to always install hurricane windows.

Are you Prepared for the Heart of Hurricane Season?

Each year hurricane season comes and goes, hopefully with minimal damage, but storms typically peak in August and September. Most Florida homeowners are well aware of how important it is to be prepared. However, if you’re new to our state, a first-time homeowner, or just in need of a refresher, we’re here to help with […]