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Entry Doors – What Questions Should I Be Asking

Purchasing a new front door can completely transform the look of your home and it will be the focal point that greets every person who enters. You can either choose a door that blends in or something that makes a statement. There are many different options when choosing a door so you need to be sure to ask the right questions.


Style is probably the most obvious decision that must be made. Once you decide on a color and a style that compliments your home aesthetic, you will need to make some determinations before moving forward. Start by measuring your existing door. There is such a thing as a standard-sized door but it is possible that your door is a custom width or height so be prepared with accurate measurements.


Also, depending on where you live – you will need to know whether you want a door that swings in or out. Most exterior doors in the north swing in as accumulating snow can be an issue with out-swinging doors. The opposite is true for homes in Florida. With issues of excessive winds, most exterior doors swing out as it better prevents high winds from blowing doors open. Lastly, determine whether you need a pre-hung door which includes the framing or just a door to attach to an existing frame.


There are a few more questions of a practical nature that you should ask yourself. Is security very important to you? Energy efficiency? Maintenance? Cost? Warranty?


You can get doors that are made from a variety of materials; wood, steel, or fiberglass being the most common. If you are located in Florida, there will be certain materials and glass required to receive discounts on your homeowner’s insurance. In that case, be sure to inquire about hurricane-rated doors. Fiberglass doors are low maintenance and energy-efficient. Wood doors are gorgeous but require maintenance. Steel doors are the most cost-effective, super durable but oftentimes lack a decorative quality.


Doors can range in cost from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Consider your budget when deciding what features are most important to you and be sure to consult with your door representative so you can make an informed decision.

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