Hurricane Windows For Sound & Energy Efficiency

Jan 18, 2023

There’s a common question in the windows and doors industry:

“What is the difference between impact glass in hurricane windows?”

Hey there, Todd from  Sash and Sill. I  wanted to just touch on this question quickly.  

Impact glass is basically laminated glass. What you’re going to have is a double-strength piece of glass, a laminate that goes in between, and another double-strength piece of glass.

It’s very palpable to a car windshield. This laminate sandwich is what prevents that window from actually breaking and exploding through with impact. It will splinter in and crack but it won’t actually break through into the home. 

All hurricane windows have a laminated piece of glass in them. Some have just a single laminated piece of glass, others have a second piece of glass that offers sound reduction and energy efficiency.

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