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I Need More Light. New Door or Glass Insert?

When you live in a place with gorgeous sunlight OUTSIDE, you probably want to get some of that INSIDE too! There are several things to consider when it comes to choosing new windows and doors to add light into the home. 

Should I replace my entry door or just do a box insert?

If your existing entry doors are in good shape and you just want to introduce some new light, or maybe you just bought a new home. It’s a year old and you want to get the light in the entryway.

A glass insert is a great way to do that. It’s cost-effective, and there’s no permit required. New glassware adds curb appeal to your home and since there’s no permit required, you can choose hurricane or non-hurricane glass.

If your entry door is not in good shape, installing a glass insert is a terrible idea. You’re going to add some weight to that door and it’s just going to cause more problems.

In that case, I would highly recommend going ahead and replacing the door.

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