Sash & Sill Windows and Doors in Sarasota

There’s nothing like getting home from work, turning your favorite show on, and relaxing. That is until you hear traffic, dogs, and other noises coming from outside. Noise pollution is annoying, but you don’t have to deal with it. 

Impact windows don’t just protect your home from damage, they protect your sanity. No, they’re not completely soundproof, but they do drown out about 65% of the noise that passes through them. That means there’s a strong chance that impact windows will drown out the noises that interrupt your relaxation. 

Impact Glass Benefits

Impact glass solves several problems:

  • Annoying Noises: Impact windows can drown out those noises that interrupt your shows or keep you up at night. 
  • Pesky Power Bills: Impact windows are made of materials that are naturally inefficient. That means your power consumption is lower, reducing your electricity bills and your footprint on the planet. 
  • Damage: Don’t come home after evacuating from a hurricane to find broken windows and other resulting damages. Impact glass is designed to withstand winds from category 5 hurricanes. 

Protect Your Sanity, Bank Account & Home With Impact Glass

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