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New entry door vs. Glass insert


A front door attracts attention. It doesn’t stand behind a decorative tree. It doesn’t hide behind a beautifully landscaped lawn. Your front door makes a statement, good or not-so-good. Front doors welcome family home and friends inside. So when considering upgrading a home’s exterior, exterior doors are front and center.

The right front door also represents a significant expense because you are not just buying a door, you are paying for the cost of professional installation, which can easily set homeowners back over $3,000. These costs can make it difficult to stay under budget, especially when additional upgrades are being considered.

Glass window inserts can be installed on fiberglass, steel, or wood doors and come in a wide variety of styles depending on your preferences. Is privacy a concern? Safety? Looking to bring in more natural light? Interested in matching the existing front of the house design or going for a completely new look? A little bit of each? You can even have a pet door installed. Your dog thanks you in advance!

Glass inserts are also customizable to anything and everything you’re looking for to bring new beautify, character, and safety to your existing front door. Homeowners can choose the size, placement, and design. The glass also comes in a variety of colors, textures, and shapes. There are impact-resistant doors to protect coastline properties from high winds and pelting rain.

With all of the options available you’ll want to take time to consider what is most important to you and your family before choosing a glass door insert. Once you’ve decided, installation is fast, much quicker than replacing a new front door, adding convenience to the list of pros.

If your front door functions just fine and you aren’t ready to part with it, glass inserts will give your current door a new, modern appearance at a fraction of the cost and hassle of purchasing a new front door. Browse websites and/or home improvement stores to see what glass door inserts are available and the different styles and features they offer.

Glass inserts can add new life to your old front door and offers homeowners a whole new view of the world.

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