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What you Need to Know About Hurricane Windows Vs. Standard Windows

Your windows are the only thing between your home and a storm outside. If you live in Florida, then a hurricane is more than just a threat to your home. It could become a reality. For that reason, you deserve the best windows that you can get. Here is everything that you should know about impact windows vs. standard windows.

  • BETTER DESIGN – A hurricane window uses shatter-resistant glass to prevent damage. Usually, the glass remains inside a strong aluminum frame. If high winds send an object into your window, the frame and the glass is strong enough to withstand it. A second layer of glass on the windows allows the outer layer to break without sending glass shards into your home. On the other hand, standard windows only have one layer of glass. If that glass breaks, then water and wind can get into your home.
  • LESS PREPARATION – If a hurricane is headed towards you, then you have a lot to think about. Between making evacuation plans and stocking up on food and water, you have your hands full. Hurricane windows give you one less thing about which you need to worry. Instead of securing your windows, you can focus on what really matters – the safety of you and your family.
  • BETTER APPEARANCE – If you have standard windows, then you need shutters or another layer of protection. That protection takes up space. It requires storage, and sometimes that storage is in plain sight. When you have standard windows, your hurricane protection can affect the appearance of your home. Impact windows don’t require any added protection. In fact, impact windows can add to the appearance of your home. There are many different styles and types of hurricane windows from which to choose. When you shop for windows, you can find a style that works for your home.
  • MORE LIGHT – When a hurricane hits, you could find yourself without power. During this time, your impact windows could come in handy. They allow more light into your home than shutters. Instead of sitting at home in the dark, you could take some comfort in having natural light in your home.

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