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Why do new windows have a green tint?


Have you noticed new windows have a green tint? Or maybe you’ve heard about LowE, and you’re wondering what the deal is? Let’s talk about what’s behind the green tint and how it makes glass more energy efficient.


To begin, let’s break down what LowE means. The E may stand out as meaning “Energy” or “Efficiency,” but it actually stands for “emissivity.” Emissivity is a material’s ability to give off energy. Reflective surfaces have a low emissivity, while dark and solid surfaces typically have higher emissivity.  LowE is a coating on the glass that lowers the emissivity and makes the glass a better insulator, reflecting more energy away and giving off less energy it absorbs.


Many like to compare LowE glass to a thermos. If you put cold water in a thermos and go for a run on a hot day, the water will stay cool despite the sun’s rays beating down on it. This is because the thermos design won’t allow the water to transfer its energy out of the thermos, and it won’t let the sun transfer its energy into the water. LowE glass works the same way. It won’t radiate your home’s cool or warm air out, and it won’t let the cool or warm air in as easily as regular glass.


There are several types of light given off by the sun that LowE glass attempts to address: by trying to reflect as much ultraviolet and infrared light the sun gives off without diminishing the visible light in a space. This is achieved with a microscopic and barely visible film on the glass, often in the middle of a multi-pane window. The film will bounce away or absorb the sun’s ultraviolet and infrared rays, then not radiate much of that energy back due to the glass’ low emissivity.


Due to this, LowE glass is a much better insulator than regular glass, making it more and more prolific. The money-saving offered by LowE glass is seeing it in more offices, and considering as much as 50% of a home’s energy is lost through windows, it is becoming popular residentially as well.


Another benefit of LowE glass absorbing UV light is it keeps items and people inside your home safer. UV light can fade furniture and pictures, and overexposure to UV light damages the skin. So no more faded family pictures sitting in sunbeams or discolored furniture in bright rooms.


While the film should be barely visible and let the most visible light through, multiple layers or panes of glass with the film may give off a green tint. Extra layers offer extra protection at the cost of appearance.


So the green tint offered by some new buildings is a technology keeping utility costs down and harmful rays out. Making it easier to heat and cool as well as protecting everything inside.

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