Sash & Sill Windows and Doors in Sarasota

“Should I tint my windows?” is a question that’s commonly uttered by people who are in the midst of window replacement – but the pros and cons of tinting windows today are far different than they were in the past. 

There is a misconception that tinting your windows will increase energy efficiency. The old-school tint we used to apply on our car windows and homes used to add energy efficiency. Now it’s built into the windows. Designed through layers of low-E similar to what mirrors are made of. And that’s what will increase your energy efficiency not tinting them.

When it comes to the decision to tint your windows, it really comes down to the need for light and privacy and not energy efficiency. Also, if you live on the water and have a lot of glare, then you should tint your windows.

If energy efficiency is what you need, we should look into replacing your window material with new options that offer built-in Low-E. Call (941) 548-4440 to discuss your options. Or simply fill out the form below .