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Expert Installers Modify Openings for Doors in Sarasota, FL

Modify Openings for Doors SarasotaAt Sash & Sill, we don’t turn away from the trickier projects like some companies might. With proper CGC licensing and nearly a century of combined experience in door installation, our trusted team is able to modify openings for doors. If you need a new door installed at your Sarasota-area home that’s going to require an expert’s touch, then you can count on the pros at Sash & Sill.

When Is it Necessary to Modify Openings for Doors?

Some older homes may have smaller, narrower door openings than those in contemporary homes. In some instances, homeowners wish to widen their door openings to make them more accessible to wheelchairs. Other homeowners may want to upgrade their home’s entry with a larger door that incorporates sidelites. Or, perhaps they want to change their back garden door to a double-hinged French patio door. Whatever the reason, homeowners may opt to modify the openings for their doors if their existing doors aren’t meeting their needs.

Expert Door Installation from Sash & Sill

At Sash & Sill, we are known throughout the Sarasota area for our professional workmanship. Our installation team is comprised solely of our own trusted technicians – not subcontractors – ensuring that all of the work we do meets our high expectations for quality. While some companies shy away from projects that require modifying openings for doors, we run toward them. Why? Because we’re the best at what we do! Our team holds the required CGC license that not all door companies have; plus, we take on these types of jobs regularly and are highly experienced in changing headers to support structures for new door styles.

Contact Sash & Sill today to set up a consultation at your Sarasota home. Our skilled installers can help you determine if you need to modify openings for your doors and which products would be best to suit your needs and preferences.

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