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Can You Make Windows Bigger in a House?

Modify Openings for WindowsTypically, windows in older residences are smaller than those in contemporary homes. When the time comes to replace those old windows, homeowners often wonder if it’s possible to upgrade to larger models. Fortunately, it is possible to modify openings for windows to make them bigger, but not all window contractors are experienced enough or properly licensed to take on this task, so it’s important to find a company that you can trust for skillful workmanship.

Benefits of Enlarging Windows

There are so many reasons that people choose to make windows bigger in their house. For starters, larger windows mean more natural light and a wider view of the outdoor surroundings. Bigger windows also mean better ventilation. Homeowners who enlarge windows often are surprised at just how much the natural sunlight and fresh air improves their mood, and they find themselves utilizing those rooms much more frequently. In addition, enlarging windows can also enhance your home’s curb appeal and improve its overall value.

How Contractors Modify Openings for Windows

In order to replace small windows with bigger ones, your installation team will need to modify the windows’ openings. This is actually a more complicated task than it may seem and requires the skills of a trained professional. If the new window is wider than your old one, the header at the top of the window and sill at the bottom will need to be changed to accommodate the new window, as will any affected trim boards. If just altering the opening vertically is an option, the work will be less involved and the replacement can be more cost effective.

The Experts at Sash & Sill

Not all window companies are willing or able to modify openings for windows, but at Sash & Sill, our experienced team holds a CGC license and performs these types of window replacements regularly, so you can trust that we have the knowhow to get the job done right. For your peace of mind, our team is comprised of our own trusted installers – not subcontractors – and we stand behind our work with a lifetime warranty covering both the installation and the products, above and beyond the manufacturer warranties.

To learn more about making your house windows bigger, contact Sash & Sill today. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and visit your home for a no-obligation consultation.

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