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Keep Your Venice, FL, Patio Cool with Custom Retractable Awnings

Back of home with awning over patio and potted flowering plantsAre you tired of the scorching Florida sun baking your patio or deck to a crisp? Would you like to experience relaxing shade that’s 15 degrees cooler? If so, then retractable awnings from Sash & Sill are the solution for you. We install retractable awnings from industry leader Sunesta, and they are perfect for keeping you cool and comfortable no matter how hot it gets outside. Plus, these awnings can be 100% custom-made to fit the exact dimensions of your Venice home. So, unlike pre-manufactured awnings or umbrellas that only fit certain dimensions of your outdoor space, Sunesta awnings will provide coverage to the areas you care about.

There’s No Substitution for Quality Components

When you choose Sash & Sill retractable awnings for your home, you’ll be rewarded with top-notch quality products that are built to last. We’ve chosen Sunesta awnings because these products are renowned for their outstanding craftmanship and durability. In fact, these awnings are the first and only in the United States to have received Miami-Dade County and Florida Building Code approval status for operation in high-speed winds. That means when the next Florida storm inevitably passes through, you won’t have to worry about whether your new awning is safe. Additionally, Sunesta awnings offer many options for customization, including:

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With retractable awnings from Sash & Sill, you can finally enjoy your outdoor living space again, regardless of the summer heat! We strive to ensure that our customers can relax in total comfort and will always go above and beyond to achieve that result. As the area’s leading home professionals, we offer the most reliable service in Venice, FL. Our dedication to customer service is what has made us the area’s most trusted home renovation company. So, call us today and see what our retractable awnings can do to transform your outdoor living space into a personal oasis.

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